Maintenance detailing

It can be confusing when people use the terms “car detailing” and “car washing” interchangeably, but there are major differences between the two. There are similarities between auto detailing and car washing, but auto detailing goes much deeper than simply cleaning your car inside and out.

A Maintenance Detail is a detailer’s “version of a car wash” for the individual that wants to maintain their vehicle at a high level using quality products and a proven wash process. It emphasizes a safe exterior wash process to reduce swirling and scratches on your paint and maintain paint protection with more time intensive, higher quality product and equipment and careful technique than a normal car wash can offer. It is the base package for extra/further detailing, paint protection maintenance and even for a ceramic coating if no polishing is required.

When considering auto detailing, one starts with car washing and vacuuming. Then, using more specialized tools and car detailing supplies, auto detailers give your car a much deeper cleaning. Finally, once a highly detailed cleaning has been achieved, car detailers will apply specialized products to enhance your car’s appearance and protect it from future dirt and damage. As a result, a detailed car can look and smell like a new car, even if it’s aged over a decade!

Below is the detail steps we use and recommend to ensure thorough cleaning, prevention of swirls and scratches and to maintain your vehicle’s paint protection.

Step 1: Wash

We use the two-bucket wash method to protect the paint job on your car. One bucket used for rinse with only water it it, another bucket used for washing with soap and water mixture in it. A Microfibre wash mitt is used for washing.

Step 2: Dry

Using a blower and thick microfiber towels to dry your car off.

Step 3: Clay Bar

Claying a car is the process of removing debris that has bonded to your car’s surface that washing alone does not eliminate. Using a clay bar with detail lubricant, we carefully clay the body, windows, tail lamps and headlamps of your car.

Step 4: Polish

Polishing is recommended after claying to buff out any marring not cleared up with the claying. We use the best compound and buffing pads for your polish needs. If no paint correction is needed, we skip this step.

Step 5: Glaze

To increase the gloss and depth of the paint, you will want to glaze it. Apply some car glaze to your polishing rag and polish thoroughly over the exterior of your vehicle. Only once coat is needed for maximum results.

Step 6: Microfiber

Our Microfiber cloths do not have any tags to lessen the risk of ruining your paint.

Step 7: Wheel and Tire

Making sure your tires and wheels are clean and dry first, we spray tire dressing on a curved sponge and apply it to your tires. We then move your car a few feet after applying the first coat of dressing for the second the coat.

Step 8: Exterior Trim

We apply a UV protection exterior trim, using an applicator pad or microfiber pad, the dressing is first applied to the pad and worked in a little, followed by applying to the trim’s surface.

Step 9: Glass

Steam clean not only makes glass crystal clean but sanitizes it from our breath, sneezing, cigarette and vape vapour etc.

Step 10: Interior

We use a UV blocker leather product to protect your leather interior, removing and cleaning your car mats. Vacuum all flooring, shining up the interior trim.

Step 11: Engine Bay

Using the best engine degreaser, protectant and cloths to clean the engine bay and under the hood. 

Now you have a professional looking detailed car!

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